As seen on TV

I just came to say goodbye.

Where are you going?

Back to the city. I may take off to
Europe for the rest of the summer. I
just can't handle it around here.

I think that's for the best.

Good for you.

Sebastian, please. I don't want us to
end on bad terms.

Well, I'm afraid you don't have a
choice in the matter. You make me
sick. You're a hypocrite and I don't
associate with hypocrites.

Annette's eyes well up with tears.

How am I a hypocrite?

Oh please Annette. You spend all your
time preaching about waiting for love.
Well here it is. Right in front of you,
but you're going to turn your back on
it. I'm sorry that we're not at the age
where we can get married. If we were,
I'd propose, but that's not going to
happen. So I guess we're just fucked.
I'll move on, but you... you're going
to have to live with yourself knowing
you've turned your back on love. And
that makes you a hypocrite.

Sebastian heads to the door.

SEBASTIAN (cont'd)
Have a nice life.

No filme (Cruel Intentions), o gajo morre. Na vida real, casaram-se.

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o bicho furioso disse...

E na vida real, muitos anos e um oscar (para ela) depois, separaram-se...