Calling all wankers

Sperm donors are to be offered free tickets to any music festival in Europe under a new initiative.

Passes to a festival of their choice will be offered to any donors in Europe who contribute to Ireland’s sperm reserves.

Irish stocks are apparently dwindling, with demand far higher than is sustainable, and donations down by 40% over the last four years.

The Sperm For Tickets initiative makes use of special donation containers and a fast courier network to offer donation via mail.

Anyone in Europe can request a donation pack, indicating which European festival they wish to attend via Spermfortickets.com.


De repente começo a imaginar aviões para Dublin com malta mais ou menos assim:

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Anónimo disse...

Pena que só os meninos possam participar...:/


Trindade disse...

Já instalei um "bidão" no quarto!! Hei-de ver um festival magriiiiiiiiinho...